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(See the list of non-profit organizations who are members here.)

Volunteer Dubois County provides a FREE place for volunteers and organizations seeking volunteers to connect. Both groups can take advantage of the services Volunteer Dubois County has to offer.

While membership is required for organizations to use this site to recruit volunteers, it is not mandatory for volunteers to register to be able to search for opportunities. There are, however, many benefits associated with creating your volunteer profile!

As a volunteer, whether you’re an individual or a group, you can create a free profile on our site in which you’re able to

  • Search for volunteer opportunities
  • Receive optional email notifications of new opportunities that match your specified interests
  • Tag and keep track of favorite  opportunities and organizations that may interest you
  • Contact organizations directly

Please note: In order to protect your privacy and prevent unwanted solicitations, organizations seeking volunteers will not have access to your personal information nor will they be able to use this website to contact you directly. Instead, you can browse posted volunteer opportunities at your leisure and choose whether or not to contact the posting organization.

For an organization, your membership with Volunteer Dubois County will allow you to

  • Streamline the volunteer recruitment process, reducing your reliance on recruitment methods like word-of-mouth and newspaper ads.
  • Create a unique member profile to advertise your organization
  • Advertise opportunities in a searchable, categorized database that any volunteer in Dubois County, whether registered or not, will be able to view at the click of a button.
  • Post on a community calendar to highlight opportunities pertaining to specific dates—ideal for advertising fundraiser or special events
  • Post on the Community Wish List—a message board that will allow your non-profit to directly advertise its material needs and better attract donors able to meet such requests
  • Be part of an online gathering place where the volunteers of Dubois County can unite to focus efforts, recognize achievements, and foster an enthusiasm and appreciation for volunteerism and community involvement

Please note: For reasons of volunteer privacy and the prevention of unwanted solicitations, you will not be able to use this service to directly contact registered volunteers. This website is intended as a place for you to advertise volunteer opportunities so that interested volunteers will be prompted by our system to view them and contact your organization of their own volition.

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